How To's

How to add internal links / in app links

This functionality allows you to create links to a page in your app from another page. You can do this kind of links with these features: Places, Custom page, Inbox, Source code : In CK editor (text editor) there is a new button : To open the menu from source code, click on the insert in-app link button : Once you have clicked this button, a new menu pops up : Select the feature you want to link, press ok and it’s done!

How to change Permissions Modal Alert messages for iOS

Apple reviewers can refuse your app if they do not understand why your app requires some permissions. While the default messages on the modal will fit most of the apps, you may want to change it to fit more specifically in your app. You can change those messages in the editor > Settings > Advanced:

How to change the Push icon and add a cover image to the push notification preview for Android.

This option is available in the “Application” tab of your app editor. For Push icon, we recommend uploading a white icon with transparency (.png). However, our system will colorize your icon in white if needed. Note: If your icon is a square without transparency, the Push icon will be a white square. The Push icon displays only the shape of your icon. Example with this icon (which is a .png file with transparency) and a cover image: Important: if you change the Push icon, your app must...

Create a Google Maps Javascript API key

To create your Google Maps API keys: Go to Then click on on the upper right. Select the 3 options: Then select “Create a new project”: Name your project and click on next. Create a billing account if you don’t have one (this is mandatory): The account is automatically restraint to the free trial 300$ limit: Once you have filled the billing form, hit the “start my free trial button”, enable your API key: Copy yo...

How to create API keys for Flickr

Go to (you must have a Yahoo account). Click on Request an API KEY. Click on Apply for a non-commercial key. Then enter the name of your app and a description and click on Submit. 12. Paste your Key and Secret in your Editor, in Settings > APIs > Flickr:

How to choose iPhone & iPad screen orientation

You can now choose the orientation of the screen for iPad and iPhone directly in the editor > Settings > Advanced: For example, if you want your app to be displayed only in Landscape mode on iPhones, then check “Landscape Left” and “Landscape Right”. Note that you will have to republish your app if you change these settings.

How to integrate Ads in the app with AdMob?

1. Create an Adwords account To login to AdMob, you need a Google Adwords account. Create one first at ( 2. Create your AdMob account Login to AdMob at and create your account after choosing your Adwords account 3. Create your ad Once logged in Admob, you reach this page: Click on “Apps” and on “ADD APP“: Next, if you published your app, click on “YES“, you will have to search for your app on...

How to create API keys for Instagram

1. You will need an Instagram account 2. Login to 3. Click on “Manage Clients“: 4. Click on 5. Fill out the fields, for the “Application Name” enter the name of your company or your app, and for the “Description” just tell that this Instagram app allows the users to integrate Instagram photo galleries in their mobile applications. In the “Website URL” and “Valid redirect URIs” fields, enter "". 6. Now you have a Client ID. 7. Click ...


To have your API keys from Stripe, just create your account at and once your business account is validated by Stripe you will be able to get your API keys: Click on API on the left menu: and in API settings, use “the live API keys”:

How to configure Paypal for the M-commerce feature?

In this tutorial, we are going to see how to set up your Paypal account to enable online payments in the M-Commerce feature and receive payments on your Paypal account. Important: your app must use a currency supported by PayPal. You can find the list here ( You can set your app currency at the bottom of the design tab of your app editor. FIRST, If you don’t have a Paypal account, you need to create ...

How to create API keys for Facebook

1. You will need a Facebook user account 2. Go to 3. Click on 4. Register and Verify your account 5. Enter a name for your Facebook app 5. Click on “Add first product” 6. Choose “Facebook Login” in the list by clicking on “Set Up“: 7. Skip the forms by going to settings > basic in the left menu. Here are the App ID and the Secret you will use in you app editor - from the side menu >settings > apis - copy and paste your “App ID” and ...

How to use the Advanced Customization CSS / SCSS

What’s this section? This section in the Colors menu allows you to customize your application deeper with CSS / SCSS. What is CSS? CSS is a programming language (simple one) to format and shape a page. It stands for Cascading Style Sheet and defines how the HTML5 elements are displayed. More information here ( What is SCSS? SCSS is a superset of CSS3. It adds more options to classic CSS by using, especially, nesting and variables. As an...