How can a mobile application help your business ?

Smartphones changed our way of living. Indeed, more and more people are using this tool every single day of their life in order to find information concerning businesses they are interested in and which are part of there environment. Thank to applications, users can interact directly with you and can contact you with a simple click. You will be in their pocket all the time. Your application will allow you to inform continuously your customers, in for example pushing your company’s news forwa...

How long does it take to get a mobile application ?

Regarding Android, the validation of your application on the Store is very short, 24h maximum after having submitted it. Nevertheless, the validation period is longer with Apple. Indeed contrary to Google, Apple study your application in depth to know exactly if it corresponds to their standards of validation. In that way, the validation period for the Apple store can take more or less 7-15 days.

How many times are we going to be able to download the sources?

You can publish and download the sources as many times as you need. You have absolutely no limit.

Will I be able to update my app without a new publication process?

Yes. Your app is automatically updated with your new content, as well as new colors and new design options. The only things that would require new submissions are items related to the app itself: - app icon, - app startup image (splash screen), - app name, - app description, - categories and keywords, - and the mobile website URL (in settings>domain), if you change it after your app is published. To make sure that your app is updated when you add changes to it, just “kill”...

How to find Apple team id, name & provider

Membership First login to https://developer.apple.com Then go to Membership, below you’ll find your Team Name “Dummy Corp.” and Team ID “CD56GBUJHY” Since Apple is merging Developer & App Store Connect accounts, your Provider should be your Team Name or Team ID Team Id: CD56GBUJHY Team Name: Dummy Corp. Provider: Dummy Corp. Troubleshooting: If the build is unsuccessful due to the Provider being incorrect, try with the Team ID, if this still doesn’t work, please contact us and we ...

list of the features that require the user login

Here is a list of the features that require the user login: - Appointment - Classifieds - Club Card - Commerce - Contest - Discount - Fanwall - In-App Messages - Inbox - Job - Loyalty Card - Newswall - Padlock/Padlock pro - Profile - Progressive Loyalty Card - Push Notifications - QR Coupons - Quiz - SmartAds - Woocommerce