How to edit the Privacy Policy of your applications?

If your application have the “My Account” page, you can find it by clicking on “Privacy Policy” button:

If there is no “My Account” page in your app, you can also add them as a Feature.

Click on  to add this feature in your app and customise it to your needs, or keep the default one we provide.

I don't want to add the Privacy Policy as a feature, how can I edit it?

If you want to edit the Privacy Policy of your app, in your Editor you can go in Settings > Terms & Conditions.

Note: in this section, you can also enter the Terms & Conditions for the Discount and Loyalty Card features:


How can I get a publicly accessible link to the Privacy Policy of my Application?

Here is all the pages where you can find the public link for your application:

In your Editor:

  • Settings > Terms & Conditions
  • Features tab > Privacy Policy